Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Settling In To A Home

To say the last few weeks have been stressful is an understatement.  It has been very unsettling, for all of us, not to know where we were going to be living long term.  We have moved into our rental home that we leased for 6 months with month to month after that.  We LOVE it!  It feels like home.  We have bought beds, a couch, tv and dining room table.  We all feel so much better now.  Each of the kids ended up with their own room which I wasn't really excited about.  I am really surprised how much better they get along now that they each have their own space.  The kids have spent hours each day playing soccer outside.  We have a nice back yard for being in the city.  It has a large drive way with a gate at the end so the boys use that to play games.  There is a playhouse outside which Johanna and Tucker enjoy.  The neighbors are extremely friendly.  A lady from a church down the street brought muffins by the other day to welcome us to the neighborhood.  We are truly enjoying it.  There is a bus stop right up the street where Jeremy can catch the bus to town.  His work is about an 8 minute drive.  He walks part of his commute but walking the whole way took 40 minutes and that was heading down hill.  

The kids are on holiday for two weeks.  Between each term (they have 4 terms a year), the schools break for at least 2 weeks.  However, after next term they break from mid December to mid February for their summer holidays. Jeremy has been able to take the kids fishing twice and Tucker caught a nice size trout.  If you don't know, New Zealand has some of the best trout fishing in the world.  For those who know Jeremy, you know this a huge deal to him!  He LOVES fishing.  

Our days are easy going now that we are in a home.  I hang out laundry every morning if the weather cooperates.  I actually really love hanging out laundry.  We try to go to the park at least once a day too.  The kids spend a ton of time outside which is quite different than what we were doing in Georgia.  God is showing us blessings each day.  God has clearly spoken to my heart this week.  This is a hard transition, being so far from our friends and family, but it is definitely where we are suppose to be right now.

I will post more pictures of the house once we are all settled in.  Here are a few for now to ease your curiosity ;)

Part of the backyard

This style of window is throughout the house

Playing in yard

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