Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Learning to trust in NZ

A friend asked me what the hardest thing to adjust to was in New Zealand.   I really had to think about it.  There is so much I love about Dunedin.  Outside of missing friends and family, I think the hardest thing has been adjusting to how freely they allow kids to play/run.  For example, at school there is no checking on who is picking up the kids.  People can come and go freely into the school.  There is a teacher on the playground at recess but the area the kids can play in is huge and there is no way the teacher can monitor it all.  It is a bit overwhelming for me since I come from a place where not even at churches can just anyone wander into the kids section and pick up a kid without a security check of some sorts.  I think I have a bit of PTSD from living in a place where you had to keep your eye on your kids at all times, even in your own front yard.  I was always watching and wary of any strangers in playgrounds, etc.  I am having to learn to trust more and to give the boys more freedom than I would have ever given them in Georgia.  Today the school takes the kids swimming at a public indoor pool.  Swimming lessons are part of the curriculum.  I must admit I am a bit anxious about this activity too.  I am really being tested in the area of trusting people with my children.

The boys are enjoying Liberton Christian School SO MUCH!  The teachers are extremely sweet and the school is a good fit for the boys.  Such a relief to have them settled in somewhere.  I am a bit anxious not being involved in their schooling so much but I know this is where they are suppose to be.

New Zealanders do speak English but there are different phrases and words used.  They have a very sweet language.  Instead of "STOP" signs, they have signs that say "Give Way Please".  It is more like a yield then a stop.  The strangest word we have heard so far is "togs".  The principal told me the boys should bring togs on Thursday for swimming.  She than laughed and said "that is definitely a New Zealander" word.  It is their word for swimsuit.  They call hugs, "cuddles".  Even adults will say to one another give me a "cuddle".  They refer to children as "wee ones".  I actually really love the way they speak.  The people are amazingly kind and friendly.  They also use the phrase "how lovely" or "lovely" a lot.  The phrase "good on ya, mate" means good job.  There is a lot we are learning.  They tell me there is a big difference between the Aussie English and the New Zealand English.  I am unable to distinguish it as of yet.  :)

Today we will get our "new to us" vehicle.  It is a Toyota minivan, similar to the Sienna but a bit smaller.  I am excited to have our own vehicle that will be a bit smaller than the bus I am driving now.  It is quite difficult to parallel park the vehicle we have had the last few weeks.  The space inside is nice but it will be good to have a smaller mini-van.

Today is the anniversary of my dad's passing.  September 2, 2005 at 5pm will forever be etched in my mind.  I can see him now and feel as his spirit left his body as we stood around him.  I miss him more than these words will be able to express.  He was my rock, the compass in my life.  He was my sure foundation this side of heaven.  I think the part that hurts the most is that he never met Jaden, Tucker, Johanna or Annabeth.  I know he would have loved on them and it breaks my heart that they have no grandfather to show them grandfatherly love.  However, I know that God's plans are greater than my own and one day this will make sense.  I know my dad would be proud of me and would want me to live life to the fullest.  He would be excited about the adventure we are on and would probably have joined us for some of it :)  I am beyond blessed to have had such a loving father who I had a very deep and meaningful relationship with throughout my life.

 First day of school
 Jaden was so excited about his first day at Liberton.  He was very happy :)
Trying to capture the beautiful view I have from our apartment.  Pictures just don't capture it.  The dark blue in the upper right is the Pacific ocean.


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