Saturday, 22 August 2015

Peninsula Drive and hike

Today was another gorgeous day.  We took the kids to the end of the peninsula.  There is a huge group of Royal Albatross that breed there.  This is also where you can see the penguins.  However, we found out you have to make reservations for the penguins and pay to see them.  We had  a great day with the kids hiking and enjoying the coast line.  We have come to LOVE our BOB stroller.  It can take on any terrain and is a great way to keep Annabeth out of the cool wind.  Jaden asked me to pull out his tooth while we were there.  He waits till they are hanging on by a thread.  I have been worried he was going to swallow it in his sleep.  We met a sweet Indian couple from Baroda (the place we visited last year) and exchanged numbers.   They are also new to Dunedin.  One of the many things I love about NZ is the food that is available for “fast food”.  So many healthy choices for us and the kids.  It is so tasty too.  Today I did something I would never have done in the U.S.  We had hiked down to the beach and Jaden had to use the bathroom.  I let him and Tucker go up together ahead of us.  I feel quite safe here in NZ and have noticed that people are extremely kind and helpful.  I know it is not perfect here but there definitely is a different level of safety that I feel here.  Our life here is very different than it was in the states.  We have spent hours just hiking around and playing outside.  They have some really cool playgrounds.  I am hoping that we can live a much healthier life here in NZ.

View along lower road driving out the peninsula

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