Thursday, 20 August 2015

Arrived in Dunedin

Today we woke to a beautiful view.  It was dark when we arrived yesterday so we didn’t see the full extent of the view we had from our temporary housing.  It is absolutely breathtaking.  I don’t feel pictures do it justice.  The kids and us were up at 5:30am due to the time change and us still adjusting.  Hope our neighbors didn't hear us.  We had to go to the bank today to setup our accounts.  One thing I truly have enjoyed is the level of customer service in NZ.  It is how the US use to be.  True quality customer service is a rare breed, in my experience, the last few years in the US.  I noticed it straight away when we got on the Air NZ to here.  Kiwis tend to be very friendly and helpful.  When we were getting on our flight to NZ, a guy saw how much Jeremy was having to carry (they don’t allow gate check ins so we had to check our strollers)  he quickly stepped over grabbed a bag and asked which row we were sitting in.  It was a very kind gesture.  Over and over we heard people say how great Dunedin is for raising a family.  We are currently staying in the city and it is beautiful but we agree we want to live out a bit.  Even living out a bit is only a 20 minute commute for Jeremy.  Big improvement from the 90 minute commute he was doing in GA.  The kids seem to be doing fine.  They are excited to see the penguins.  There are lots of playgrounds in this town so we took them to one today.  It is cold here but I am actually enjoying it.  Jeremy was told today that he dressed like a true kiwi; shorts and long sleeve top.  Dunedin downtown reminded me a lot of European downtowns.  One great thing is there are a lot of diverse restaurants here J  I even saw fresh flowers being sold on the street.  Jaden’s big excitement for the day was seeing his “first street performer”.  It was a girl singing with her guitar.  She was quite good.  We bought a few groceries and the groceries are definitely a lot more expensive here.  However, we saw a BOB stroller for cheaper than what we paid in the U.S.  We will begin to search for a permanent home soon.  The biggest hurdle for us right now is adjusting to the left side driving. 

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